BHM (Bachelor Of Hotel Management)

BHM (Bachelor Of Hotel Management)

The tourism and hospitality sector of our nation is growing rapidly and with it the demand for restaurants, resorts, hotels, airlines and entertainment services.

India is a popular travel destination and thus pursuing hotel management has become increasingly rewarding for students than ever before. This demand is set to increase, which will give students pursuing this course a higher chance of placement in renowned companies.

Hotel management is one of the top preferences of students when it comes to pursuing a professional qualification. Fast growth, on-the-job training and career development opportunities are excellent reasons to consider a career in hotel management. In order to thrive and grow, the hospitality and tourism industries need creative people. To succeed as a hotel manager, one needs to implement new ideas on a regular basis such as themed afternoon teas, guided tours and improved services.

Employment Opportunities

Hospitality, travel and tourism opportunities, including jobs in hotel management exist in countries all over the world. As soon as one takes up the role of hotel manager one will be responsible for every aspect of the hotel work. 

Example: Front-of-house departments such as reception and concierge services to housekeeping, maintenance and catering. 

Behind the scenes responsibilities include hiring staff, managing budgets, taking care of public relations and setting sales targets.

Since the hospitality workforce is generally young and staff turnover is quite high, promotion prospects are good for motivated graduates. One can work as a manager for a large chain hotel and also have the chance to travel locally and nationally and internationally! One can work for an independent or chain hotel or become a General Manager or manage specific departments and work in a variety of locations across big cities of the World. Getting to meet and make connections with people from all over the world is an added bonus.

Personality Traits Needed

Constantly welcoming new guests to the hotel means each day is filled with different challenges and requests and this keeps the working day interesting. With this comes the need to be polite, cooperative, patient and diplomatic at all times in order to deal with the demands that guests have. As a hotel manager, job is about people and therefore one needs to be a people person.

Course Description

Hotel management course covers different aspects of running a hotel or hospitality service such as sales and marketing, food and beverage, front office, accounting, food production, housekeeping and several kitchen skills. The course is career-focused, innovative and provides hands-on training for students to gain exposure to managerial & hospitality practices. Positive feedback and good reviews will bring great sense of job satisfaction and will spur one on to achieve even better results.

Diploma in Hotel Management

PCTM also offers: One year Diploma in Hotel Management affiliated to UOU (Uttarakhand Open University).

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